BBC Radio Four - Saturday Live

On the first ever National Bookshop Day I had the pleasure of being a guest on BBC Radio Four's Saturday Live show.

It was a fun experience during which I got to meet some really lovely people (on and off air) and share my love of bookshops with something like 2.1 million listeners.*

The show was hosted by Rev Richard Coles (who I share a bookshop memory with) and Aasmah Mir, the guests were author and McFly singer Tom Fletcher, silent film pianist Neil Brand**, and adventurous engineer Jimmy de Ville.

You can hear the whole broadcast here.

It was an interesting show, and I was involved throughout, but if you're in a hurry my main talky piece is at around 19mins 30seconds.

Included in the show are references to DRAKE – The Bookshop, Book-ish and The Big Comfy Bookshop***. I had planned to mention several other bookshops from across the country, but it turned out the whole 90-minute show wasn't dedicated to me so I had to stop to let a few other people speak. Sorry to everyone who didn't get a mention, but as I regularly say, I love every bookshop mentioned on this blog.

Also, I offer my apologies to WHSmith if I sounded too harsh. I really do like your shops, they got me through my reading wilderness years, but as everyone knows: nothing quite compares to a dedicated independent bookshop.

*I can't quite get my head around that figure.
**Who also went to the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, albeit a year or two before me. It was fun swapping memories.
***With apologies for my mangling of Big Comfy's name, hopefully my poor pronunciation didn't send people to the wrong place. For those in a hurry, this bookshop also appears a bit later than the others.

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