Your bookshops

The whole point of The bookshop around the corner is to encourage you, the reader, to get involved with bookshops. So now I want to hear about how you are joining in.

The rules
1. Visit a bookshop
2. Buy a book*
3. Take photos: one of the front of the bookshop and one of your purchase, once it's at home
4. Write something true and honest about the bookshop and your experience there. This blog never lies, it simply avoids the negative – if you don't like a bookshop, don't write about it.
5. (Optional but recommended) Say hello to the bookseller
6. Email the necessary to me

If a bookshop features in this section it will not prevent me from visiting (it may even encourage me to speed up my arrangements to visit). Equally, bookshops I've already met can be included here. However all posts will be at my discretion and I'd be grateful if you could keep them under 500 words. If you're unsure what to write or would like some guidance drop me a line.

Alternatively, if you're a nervous writer, feel free to send me some notes and between us I'm sure we'll be able to write something to do your local bookshop proud.

*The only time Rule 2 may be broken is if the writer is a bookseller and the subject is their bookshop. Then Rule 2a is invoked: Write a sentence about a book you recommend.

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  1. As soon as I get a new camera, woo and indeed hoo ! Knowing where to start will be a challenge - Rochester, Pershore, Shrewsbury, Pwllheli, Dymnchurch, Inverness, the list could go on. Each dark musty secondhand bookshop is like a cave full of forbidden treasure where only the most tenacious and determined are rewarded (the mustier and darker the better). After nearly 30 years of specialist book collecting I don't go so much on subject classification rather than on instinct and gut feeling - " I wonder whats in this box ?". I still get the rush when I enter a new old bookshop.

    1. Such a great comment! I look forward to reading all about it


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