IBW2016 competition winners

It's taken me a little longer than expected, but here are the winners of my IBW2016 competition.

Thank you to everyone who took part, and sorry it's taken me so long to announce the winners – it turns out there was a bit too much maths in the allocation of prizes for me to easily work out how many winners there were.

The winners:

Alice, 4, visited The Book Case at Hebden Bridge
She's pictured with a book called Fancy Nancy and the sleepover, and her entry says: "Mummy and Daddy bought it for me."

Gemma visited London Review Bookshop
"It was my first time visiting LRB despite having run around Bloomsbury for book shopping. Lovely shop, and I love the little outdoor cafe they have – perfect for sitting down to read whatever you purchase! My friend and I didn't stop though, as we had other bookshops we planned to visit and it was getting late, so there's another reason to visit LRB again!"

Michael, 6, and Sam, 3, visited City Books in Rochester
Mum Suze writes: "We bought some books at City Books in Rochester High Street today. We spent a while looking around the shop which we visit quite often. The boys said hello to the fish in the fishtank before spending their pennies on some Ladybird books. I bought some Orbit picture books from the 1950s which are just beautiful and weren't too pricey!"

Nick visited Daunt's Cheapside branch
"Attached is a photo of me in Daunt’s, hiding behind the copy of Oliver Kamm’s Accidence Will Happen that I had just bought there. I had decided I needed a copy of Kamm’s book after it got mentioned on Michael Rosen’s Word of Mouth podcast last year, and your competition finally gave me the nudge to trot along to Daunt’s to buy it. The mothership (mothershop?) in Marylebone is still my favourite, especially that vertigo-inducing gallery where one has to venture for books on British topography, but I also love the one in Cheapside, nearer to my office. My usual haunt there is downstairs, where both fiction and travel books are usefully grouped together by country. For this visit, though, I stayed upstairs, towards the rear, in their small but assiduously curated non-fiction section. The photo was taken by the wonderfully helpful bookseller, whose name I failed to catch."

Rosie entered on behalf of her mum, Cheryl, and they visited Foyles in Bristol
Cheryl writes: "Here's a picture of Rosie holding my bookshop purchase. We also bought Baby's Very First Black and White book for her and got a free coffee due to spending over £15 – a good bookshop experience for all involved!"

Tamzin visited Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath
"I bought a new book. A book that's actually quite old and by a fave author – yet I've never read it. The book is The Minpins and I bought it from Mr. B's Emporium, Jess was my bookseller. They looked very busy so I bought them a big chocolate brownie to thank them for taking the picture."

Zaye visited Little Mouse Books in Maidstone
Zaye entered on behalf of Josh, 5, and Luke, 3. She said: "The boys love books and I'm hoping to get Josh actually reading them as well as making up his own stories!"

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