New year's resolutions 2016 in review - 2

2. Find a new ballroom dance class

I love ballroom dancing. The waltz is my favourite, but rhumba, quickstep, cha cha cha, I love them all.

Being whirled around the room in the arms of a man who's light on his feet, considerate of his parter and also just masterful enough to be able to lead is a wonderful experience and one I used take part in every week in a dance class. Of course, the man would always be a dance instructor, so there wasn't even a whiff of romance like you see in the old movies, but I still got to dance.

I picked up the steps pretty quickly and follow easily, and while I may not have been at award winning level I could happily hold my own at a social event. If I had a partner.

Sadly, all the ballroom dance classes I attended were heavily oversubscribed with single women (take note single gentlemen) and eventually the time would come when I'd have to accept the class was too crowded and move on. Then I moved home and finding a new class simply dropped down my list of priorities.

Until January 2016 when I became determined to make dance a part of my life again.

I knew my other resolutions would need the most effort, so I let this one slide for a month or so, occasionally researching classes and making a note of possibilities. Then resolution six had more success than expected and I met a man whose one failing was to have no interest in ballroom dancing.

The resolution got scratched off my list and I accepted I'd just have to stick to dancing around the kitchen whenever the moment took me.

The difference is, these days I'm in the arms of a kitchen dancing partner.

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