New year's resolutions 2016 in review - 3

3. Floss - 50/50 SUCCESS/FAIL

Someone once told me it takes a month to form a habit. Whether that's true or not I couldn't say, but that's how long I made sure to remind myself to floss every night before bed.

Flossing (with tape and interdental brushes) is important for dental health and when I went for my six-month check up last summer the dentist – for possibly the first time ever – said they were pleased with how I was looking after my teeth. Gold star for Erica.

However I then caught a cold and the last thing you want to do when you're feeling grotty is be poking around in your mouth with a small pipe cleaner-like brush. Apparently for me it takes just two weeks to break a habit and I spent the next six months attempting to get back to flossing on a daily basis.

In a week or two I've got another check up with the dentist, I'll let them decide if this resolution was a success or failure.

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