Adding a little extra thought to the gift of book tokens

If there's one thing you can guarantee finding on any gift wish list I write, it's National Book Tokens.*

They're the ticket to treating myself to an extra couple of hours in a bookshop, browsing shelves, dawdling around recommendations tables and just generally enjoying the experience of buying a new book. Further, as National Book Tokens have the benefit of being accepted in bookshops all around the country they are helpful towards the funding of this blog and it was a book token that prompted my love affair with bookshops.

So why am I writing what appears to be an advert for book tokens everyone already knows about?

My personalised token celebrates Dolly's 7th birthday
Partly because I'm posting a blatant hint to my family so they buy the correct book tokens next time, but mostly because I was recently the recipient of a personalised book token and I want to share the joy/photo of my cat.

Launched this summer, National Book Tokens' personalised book tokens are a rare example of when I approve of buying online.** As I have zero experience of this, I have to admit I was a little unsure of how easy the process would be but – as all you regular internet shoppers will expect – all you have to do is visit the website, choose your design, add photos and a message. Having (five minutes ago) ordered one I can tell you it's an easy, painless process for even the most ignorant of online shoppers. Importantly, it's also a simple way to add an extra thought to the ultimate gift for book lovers.

As you can see, Dolly approves too.

*Obviously I'd also like to be given books, especially your favourite one. That's led to some unexpected and excellent gifts over the years.
**Although if you don't want a personalised card, you can just go and buy regular National Book Tokens from most bookshops, both independent and chain.

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