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As you all know, I'm not a fan of internet shopping but there is one outlet that has shown me some good can come from the place, which is why I was pleased when ramblingmads blogger Madeleine offered to write a guest post explaining why the site works for her.

Published: 26th January, 2016

I live in a town with no bookshops, I don't count WHSmiths, as I don't read romance novels or own any children.

I either have to travel about 45 minutes or more to find a bookshop, or buy online. Now obviously there's a website named after a river in South America, and I will admit I have used it, mostly as a broke literature student, but now I prefer to use the lovely which donates a portion of every purchase to an indie bookshop near you (so an hour away for me), and their delivery speed is impressive. I ordered these lovely books Friday and they were at my door Saturday morning. And that was standard shipping! 

You can have your books delivered to a local bookshop, but that's not very practical for me. Oh, and they sell more than just books! Plus, added bonus, the team are lovely and their customer service is fantastic. 

I nominated Joseph's Books in Highgate to receive the profits.

Thank you to Madeleine for this short but sweet introduction to Hive, I hope it helps to convert a few more people from that other website. I'm also grateful for the introduction to Joseph's Books, another destination to add to my must-visit list...

If you'd like to read Madeleine's blog, click here. Also, you can read my thoughts on the Hive experience here.

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