New year's resolutions 2016 in review - 1

1. Get up in time for breakfast – SUCCESS

This one probably sounds ridiculous, but those of you who aren't morning people may understand how difficult it can be to get out of a nice warm bed with enough time for breakfast before going to work.

In 2015 I'd got particularly bad at this one and the man in the corner shop came to know me as I'd pop in for a Peperami and a packet of crisps during my walk to work. Even before I started to think about the healthiness of my food intake I knew this wasn't a particularly good way to start the day.

I'm also really not a morning person and for the last however many years this resolution has been my one half-hearted attempt at joining in with the standard conversation for January. This year I was determined to get it right.

Of course, I'm also a realist and I knew there was no way I was suddenly going to find the energy to get out of bed half an hour early for a boring bowl of cereal. So I began by getting organised. I'd put a portion of cereal in a tupperware bowl, pour some milk into a small bottle and add both to my packed lunch box. It wasn't quite the change I'd intended, but having a proper breakfast instead of an unhealthy snack was a good habit to start work on.

Developing this habit also helped because I'd eat breakfast at my desk at about 10am, which would generally prevent any cravings for a mid-morning snack.

Then, one day in December after waving my boyfriend off to work (it turns out the downfall of having a boyfriend is his ridiculously early commute) I sat down and had breakfast in my own kitchen. I didn't even think about it, I just did it. Well done me.

Of course, I then started wanting a mid-morning snack, so I've now reverted to my late morning breakfast at work. Some resolutions don't need to be stuck to.

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