Your bookshops #24, Mainstreet Trading

Technology's not my strong point, so I'm ashamed to admit I've only just found this month-old introduction to a bookshop by Radio 4 listener Wendy. Her write-up is short but sweet and is a reminder of why I need to hurry up and travel to the Scottish borders and beyond...

The Mainstreet Trading Company
Main Street, St Boswells
Scottish Borders TD6 0AT
Tel: 01835 824 087 @mainstreethare
Published: 18th December, 2016

As soon as you open the door to Mainstreet Trading, you know you are somewhere special. Wander round the shelves and tables stacked with books you won’t be able to resist, relax in the corner and read, relish the aroma of great coffee and bakes. If you are small and under 10, snuggle into a Book Burrow – you’ll be transported beneath Mr McGregor’s vegetable patch and there’s a surprise under the floor! Even grown-ups love the kids’ section.

Staff are friendly and knowledgeable, both in the main shop and in the Aladdin’s cave of a Deli through the back. There’s a home section too and regular author events to savour. Even the window displays are amazing, making very creative use of packaging and paper – works of art.

The book I would like to recommend is
 The Arrival by Shaun Tan
. I bought it here a few years ago to use with pupils, they loved it. There is no text, just the most imaginative and thought-provoking images. As its theme is immigration it is very topical – should be compulsive reading for everyone. It is a beautiful book in all senses of the word.

Thanks again to Wendy for introducing us to Mainstreet Trading, I look forward to personally finding out about it someday (hopefully soon).

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