Wednesday 19 November 2014

Less is more

The smallest bookshop I've ever visited crossed my path as the fifth destination of my Books are my bag bookshop crawl.

A hop, skip and a jump from the area's tube station, Herne Hill Books is made up of two interlinked rooms about the size of my kitchen, and I promise you I don't have a large kitchen. Described as the little sister of Clapham Books, this bookshop's diminutive size doesn't make it any less worthy of note than its larger cousins.

In fact, it's so popular that during my visit a steady stream of customers filed in, popping by to pick up the new best seller or looking for something to keep them entertained on the train, while I stumbled across M R Carey's The girl with all the gifts. Possibly a little scarier than my usual reads, the condensed shelves meant this title stood out where usually I might've skipped past.

I'm going to be honest, it's a small bookshop so I can't write hundreds of words on my experience or all the people I met, but for what it is this bookshop is perfect. It has a large enough collection of books to suit diverse tastes, but is small enough that it's to the point. You can pop in, find something to read and be on your way in minutes. And sometimes that's all you need.

Herne Hill Books
289 Railton Road,
Herne Hill,
SE24 0LY
Tel: 020 7998 1673

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