This website is a blog about bookshops, but every now and then I find myself thinking it'd be nice to mention other things. Hence this page. It's going to get updated very infrequently.

London Marathon drop out
Young Writer of the Year Award 2018
Slimming World
10k run fundraising for Hospice in the Weald
Happy Moving In With A Boy Day
10k run fundraising for Macmillan
New year's resolutions 2016 in review
Young Writer of the Year Award 2016
BAMB Readers Awards 2016 - Competition
BBC Radio Four - Saturday Live
BAMB Readers Awards 2016 - Fiction shortlist
John Christopher
Personalised book tokens
Independent Bookshop Week 2016 Book questions
Independent Bookshop Week 2016 Competition
Mavis Cheek blog tour
2016 Classics Challenge
Young Writer of the Year Award 2015

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